FAQ About Our Site

Is your service safe for my identity?

When you create an order on our service, we only ask for your number, name, and email. We only need this information to inform you about your order process or account changes.

It is essential to remember that we never ask our clients to provide credit information over the phone. You must indicate this information only in the forms provided for this on our website.

After receiving the payment, the support employee will send you a confirmation letter to your account.

We do not store your data, and we use a secure connection. If you have any questions, you can read our privacy policy for more information.

Is it ethical to accept your help with assignments?

Our authors work with original solutions that can be performed, given the necessary permissions, in different ways:

  • As a treasure trove of ideas or arguments for your research
  • As a storehouse for a different approach to the subject
  • For accurate citations

However, before using our services, make sure that you are familiar with your educational institution’s policy and know everything about its attitude to plagiarism. Decisions about your education need to be made consciously.

Do your authors do online assignments and multiple-choice tests (checkboxes, T / F, etc.)?

We believe that passing tests and exams, no matter in what format, is the student’s responsibility. Therefore, we do not help to take tests with multiple-choice answers or any other type. In addition, it will be complicated to appreciate the amount of work done by the author when completing a test with various options. At the same time, we cannot recommend that you share personal information with authors in messages or comments, because in this case, the company will not be able to save your data. If you try to place such an order, it will be instantly canceled, and your money will be returned.

Who will be trusted to write my custom paper? What level will the author have?

The authors of our service have higher education with degrees, from master’s to Ph.D. in various specialties. We can easily choose a professional who will fully meet the requirements for completing an article, essay, etc. We measure our authors’ skills using the following criteria:

  • Profile and academic experience
  • Results of the online author’s test in English and the writer’s essay
  • Author’s rating in the process of working on Domyhomework.help

How to order an article on Domyhomework.help?

For us, your success in studies and your comfort are essential during our cooperation. For this reason, we have made for you the easiest and fastest way to create a system for no more than 4 minutes.

We suggest that you take a closer look at the steps that you will have before sending the order:

Fill in the information in the order form. It is necessary to add all the information and instructions about the task needed for the author’s work.

Make a payment. After placing an order, you need to pay through your chosen payment system. Then you are immediately presented with your account, where you can provide additional comments and communicate with the author or support.

The author will be attached to the order you created. Our managers will select the most suitable writer for your topic. If you need additional author characteristics in the form of security, etc., indicate this in the instructions.

When the article is written, it will be added to your account. After the author finishes work on the paper, it is automatically sent to your account in PDF format for preliminary reading. To download in the format you require, you need to confirm your agreement with the work performed. If you need additional edits before you approve the work, you can ask for changes.

See for yourself how easy it is to place an order to execute an article.

Where can I write to an expert to send additional instructions?

When filling out the order information, you can attach any information or document, but after that, you can still send the expert everything required for the work. When you fill in additional details, they will automatically be linked to your account at Domyhomework.help. In it, you can add any file related to the task. After you upload them, the expert will be able to see them. If you have any additional questions about adding a file, you can always write to our support service.

Can I choose a specific expert?

If you already have experience cooperating with our service, you can choose the expert who has already completed a task for you if you’re impressed by his or her work. To select an expert, you need to click on the “Expert on request” option when placing an order and specify the desired expert from the list. It may be that your Expert Advisor is currently unavailable because they are executing another order. In this case, you can be connected to another expert with suitable characteristics.

Can I get the job earlier?

If you suddenly need to download your article faster than agreed, you need to contact our support service. After that, together, we will try to resolve your issue as soon as possible. If we manage to deliver the document to you ahead of time, you will be sent a link to pay for the urgent work done.