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Our Hiring Policy

Here, at, we hire specialists with experience in related fields, fully credited for their ability to cope with programming assignments of any level. To become a legit part of our team, a candidate has to deal with a series of checks and tests, which include a thorough vetting of documents, including diplomas, and a variety of practical tasks.

Experts We Choose

We hire specialists from around the globe. Programming is a universal language and what matters is not your origin, but your proficiency, diligence, and ability to work under time pressure. All the credentials are checked, as well as the ability of each candidate to communicate efficiently with a client in order to achieve the best results.

Grading System That Guarantees Quality

Choosing professional, diligent and productive programming specialists is a challenging process, but it is even more demanding to make sure that the already hired candidates don’t relax and compromise on quality over some months or years. We address this situation rather tough, as the persistence of quality is what truly makes a difference. First, all hired specialists, no matter how experienced, should complete a trial period. Later, when they become rightful members of our team, assignments they complete are meticulously checked and graded by the group of specialists, we call programming editors. It is crucial for every hired programming specialist to be graded not less than 8 out of 10 for each assignment submitted during the month.
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